Updated 5/8/2020

Updates are on a continual basis so check back often. If you find a bug please use the contact Us page to let us know.

1) Do I have to join to use this service.

Yes, but there is a free version with advertisements. No credit card is needed unless you want the Ad free version.

2) Do I have to enter all 3 fields in the Add FavsBookie popup window?

a) The "URL Address of your Favorite/Bookmark" (which begins with http:// or https://)?

b) A "Name for your Favorite/Bookmark"?

c) And a Description in the "Add Favorite/Bookmark" form?

No. The URL and Name are mandatory fields and must be entered in the form for the input to be accepted, but the description is optional. No error will be displayed if you don't enter the URL and Name, but the entry will not be accepted. If you do miss one just click on the "Add Favorite/Bookmark" button again and the entry in red will be the missing part. Enter the rest of the required info and then click "Save". A Notice saying "Entry inserted successfully" will follow in a little pop up message. Click the "Cancel" button or the "red X" and the message will close. Repeat as necessary.

3) What is the minimum number of fields I have to display?

1, The Name field, but if you want to be able to edit your fields you have to turn on the action field.

4) What is the maximum number of fields I can display?

4. The Favicon/Icon, the Name, a Description and the Action Field for editing. We have added folders to the site and drag and drop for moving records from folder to folder.

5) Is there a mobile version and a web version we can use?

Yes. Both are available and use the same Database of information, but have different options for each. a) Number of columns b) Font size, c)Show Description and d)Show Icon

6) How does this save me time?

Once you have loaded all your Favorite/Bookmark into the Database, for your own use only, of course. All you have to do is copy and paste this hyperlink: https://www.favsbookie.com/favsbookies/ into your browsers (I/e, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) home page. Then every time you open the browser all your hyperlinks are at your fingertips! The more computers you use the more time this saves you.

7) Can I use my E-mail address for my username?

Yes. Keep in mind that the longer your username is the longer it takes to login.

8) Will there be updates to this site?

Yes. I'm working on this to make it the best and easiest to use app on the market.

9) How do I join?

Click register and pick one of the 3 choices for membership and follow the prompts.

10) Can I contact you if I have problems?

Yes. I can be contacted using the Contact us page at the bottom of every page under: More Links.

11) How do I back up my data?

We backup our database continually so there is no need to backup your information.

12) My Icons do not display or how do I update my icons?

There are some Icons that will not display due to how various websites set up there icons. First make sure the display icons fields is set to Y in your update profile page and then click on the Update icons link at the top of the favsbookie tab page.

13) Why are my columns cut off?

You have too many columns or too many fields per column. Try reducing the number of columns or the number of fields by one until you see all of the fields in each column.

14) Is there a trial period or version I can try?

There is no need for a trial period, because the free version allows you to use it for free. If you like it and want to get the paid version just upgrade you membership and everything will still be the same minus the advertising.

15) Still have questions?

You can contact us using the link at the bottom of all pages called: Contact Us.

16) Have suggestions you want to see added?

You can send suggestion to us by using the link at the bottom of all pages called: Contact Us. Thanks for taking the time to try our site and to make a suggestion.